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Child In Speech Therapy


Momentum staff can provide formal and informal assessment based on individual need. The goal of assessment is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual's strengths and areas of need to assist with diagnosis and treatment planning. Example assessments include: Functional Behavior Assessment, Educational Assessment, Psychological Assessment, Adaptive Behavior Assessment, and Curriculum Based Assessment.


Momentum now provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. Common referral questions include possible Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disabilities, as well as cognitive, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. Patients are administered a comprehensive battery of assessments that are tailored to address the specific referral question. Results of the evaluation are shared with the patient's family members and individualized, empirically-supported treatment recommendations are provided.   


Intervention plans are designed by our professional staff and are individualized and based on a collection of assessment results. Behavior intervention plans are developed in conjunction with parents and teachers to maximize treatment integrity and social validity. Data will be collected at the onset with continual assessment throughout the treatment phases in order to assess and monitor the effectiveness of treatment and guide future plans and target behaviors.


Momentum has licensed psychologists, nationally certified school psychologists, and behavior analysts available to consult with your district, or school. Consultants are available to provide support during IEP meetings, staff trainings, conduct assessments, and assist with treatment planning and implementation to enhance your student's ability to learn throughout the school day. 


Momentum specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis, which is an evidence-based field focusing on improving socially significant behavior to enhance lives. Techniques from the field of ABA are based on learning theory and used for skill acquisition and behavior reduction.


Home Based Therapeutic Services (HBTS) are specialized behavioral health services delivered in a child’s home and community setting with parent/guardian participation. HBTS includes comprehensive assessment, treatment planning, intervention, and evaluation. Services are family-centered, evidence-based, and goal-driven. Broad domains addressed include behavior, communication, social, and functional skills. Treatment Plans are reviewed by licensed professionals. Treatment is provided on a continuous basis in the home and community for an approved number of weekly hours.


Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS) is a parent directed, agency assisted program that focuses on increasing independence through the enhancement of life, daily living, social, and community skills. The goal of PASS is to help Children with Special Health Care Needs participate in the community and meet their personal care needs. Momentum will collaborate with the family to assess strengths and needs, prioritize and develop measurable goals, and manage programming across three broad domains: Ability to accomplish activities of daily life, Ability to make self-preserving decisions, and Ability to participate in social roles and social settings.


Behavior technicians utilize the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to address the learning needs of young children participating in our program. The program includes both natural environment teaching (NET) and discrete trial teaching (DTT). The goal of our center-based services is to jump start each child’s communication, play, generalization and social skills.  Sessions are supervised by a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) to ensure that all teaching programs are monitored closely. 


Momentum is a leader in providing individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide services to those in need using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Our comprehensive training program will prepare you or your school team to become Registered Behavior Technician's under the guidelines of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

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